Student Job Summaries of Available Positions

Health and Well-being Unit offers many different opportunities for students to join our team. Below is a listing of our main positions.

As Per University Policy: If you have not worked for the University previously, you must complete Student Employment Paperwork, before you can legally begin working. Be sure to bring original document(s) to meet the I-9 requirement listed here, (e.g., social security card, unexpired passport or birth certificate, etc.). You will need to show one original document from column A or a combination of one original document from both columns B and column C. The Office of Financial Aid/Student Employment is open Monday-Friday 8:30 a.m. - 5:00 p.m. 

Student Employee Vacancies

Spring 2023

University Recreation
IM Official
Member Services Assistant
Personal Trainer

HWB Operations

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  • Lifeguard

    Responsible for the supervision and operations of the pool and pool area during operational hours in University Recreation. The lifeguard will insure the safety of patrons in and around the pool area. Certification is required. ($13.00) For further information, please contact Wendy Sheppard, Assistant Director of Sports and Risk Management.

  • Events Assistant

    Supervise the facility and serve as the liaison with groups during facility rentals/special events to ensure groups comply with facility rules/regulations and that the facility is functioning at an optimal level in University Recreation. Provide excellent customer service while supervising facility rentals/special events. Work with on-duty facility manager to address any facility or program issues that arise. Serve as the point of contact in the event of an emergency during any facility rental/special event. ($12.25) For further information, please contact Marti Tomlin, Director of Recreation.

  • Equipment Assistant

    Assist the manager of equipment and facilities with inspection, cleaning, and basic preventive maintenance on all fitness equipment in University Recreation. Responsible for cleaning equipment and assisting with the training of employees on equipment cleaning. ($12.25)

  • Fitness Assistant

    Monitor the fitness spaces in the Weinstein Center for Recreation to ensure cleanliness, safety, and supervision of the facility and its members. Assist with daily operations of the facility. ($12.25)

  • Fitness Specialist

    Assist the fitness manager in implementing the University Recreation Fitness Special Programs. Monitor the fitness spaces and ensure cleanliness, safety, and supervision of the facility and its members. Fitness Specialists must have a Certified Group Fitness Instructor and/or Certified Personal Trainer by national recognized organization, or ability to obtain within 60 days of employment. ($13.00)

  • Group Exercise Instructor

    Develop routines and instruct University Recreation group exercise sessions for student, staff, faculty, and community participants. Students with fitness certification(s) will receive a higher pay rate ($13.00–$14.50). For further information please contact Sarah Lee, Manager, Fitness and Facilities.

  • Personal Trainer

    Develop routines and implement personal training programs for students, staff, faculty, and community participants in University Recreation. Certification is required. ($14.50) For further information, please contact Sarah Lee, Manager, Fitness and Facilities.

  • Intramural Assistant

    Responsible for the supervision of the Intramural program in University Recreation. Job requires independent problem solving. ($12.25) For further information, please contact Shelby Timberlake, Manager, Intramurals and Facilities.

  • Intramural Official

    Responsible for enforcing game rules and regulations of the Intramural programs in University Recreation. On-the-job training is offered. Students with officials’ certification will receive a higher pay rate ($12.25- $13.00). For further information, please contact Shelby Timberlake, Manager, Intramurals and Facilities.

  • Outdoor Adventure Assistant

    Student is responsible for assisting in the creation, implementation, and evaluation of existing and new Outdoor Adventure programs and services. Job requires a high degree of accountability. Some evening and weekend hours required. ($12.25)

  • Member Services Assistant

    Assistants are responsible for Weinstein Center for Recreation Member Services operations during assigned shifts. Primary responsibilities include providing excellent customer service and information to all Weinstein Center members. Provide locker assignments, distribute and collect informal recreation equipment, register members for programs, classes, services, or trips. Enroll members in the hand biometrics system and recreation software. ($12.25)

  • Budget Assistant

    Performs routine clerical duties, assisting in all of the administrative needs of the Health and Well-being office. ($12.25-$12.50)

  • Employment Assistant

    Performs routine clerical duties, assisting in all of the administrative needs of the Employment office. ($12.25)

  • Project Specialist

    Assists health and well-being by overseeing and implementing the departmental assessment plan, special research projects and administrative reports. ($13.00)

  • Budget Specialist

    Assist the budget coordinator in health and well-being with the management of departmental budgets. ($14.50)

  • Marketing Assistant

    Assist in creating and implementing the health and well-being unit marketing plan. Generate new promotional ideas to increase participation in all departmental activities and programs. Duties include promotional activities, designing print materials, internal and external communications, photography, and program/facility schedules. Job requires a high degree of accountability and confidentiality. ($12.25)

  • Membership Assistant

    Provide exceptional customer service in the primary duties of enrolling, renewing, and maintaining Weinstein Center for Recreation paid memberships through the Fusion software. The Membership Assistant will also perform various day-to-day administrative tasks including, but not limited to, answering membership desk phone and fielding responses to various paid membership related e-mails, filing and contacting current and prospective members ($12.25)

  • C.A.R.E. Assistant

    Responsible for assisting with the development, implementation and evaluation of Sexual Misconduct Education and Prevention special programs in Health Promotion. This job requires a high degree of accountability, and confidentiality. ($12.25)

  • Health Education and Well-being Assistant

    Responsible for assisting with the development, implementation and evaluation of Health Education and Well-being special programs for Health Promotion. This job requires a high degree of accountability and confidentiality. ($12.25)

  • Welcome Desk Assistant

    Assist with the coordination of the Well-being Center Welcome Desk and Control Center operations. Provides excellent customer service to members and visitors with accurate information about programs, services, and facility schedules. Assists with administrative support to the Health Promotion department, including planning and hosting events, scheduling space, arranging for food, setups and other related logistics. Overall understanding of hand biometrics system and Fusion software. ($12.25)

  • Student Health Assistant

    Serves as first point of contact for patients at the Student Health Center and assists with administrative tasks related to front office operations. ($12.25)

  • Health Promotion Assistant

    Assist with administrative tasks and taking the lead on assigned reports and aspects of event planning. ($12.25)

  • Testing Center Proctor (Graduate Students Only)
    The Office of Disability Services (ODS) seeks a graduate student employee to provide proctoring services for students with disabilities, who receive testing accommodations. ODS is seeking candidates that are resourceful, reliable, engaged, and professional. ($13.00)
  • Disability Services: The Learning Assistant

    Learning Assistants provide a variety of academic supports outside of the classroom setting. While Learning Assistants are not tutors, they do provide specialized support when it comes to reading, dictation, and image descriptions. The majority of a Learning Assistant’s shift is typically spent reading class notes and a student’s textbook aloud, though some students who are approved for a Learning Assistant choose to engage in reading independently, and only require occasional assistance with descriptions of images, graphs, math formulas, etc. Learning Assistants are typically asked to provide a fair amount of repetition, and they may be asked to return to previous notes, chapters, etc. in order to make requested connections to previously covered content. In some instances, Learning Assistants may also provide scribing support for homework if they are not a student registered with the any section of the same class for which they are approved as a Learning Assistant. ($12.25)

  • Disability Services: Golf Spotter

    Golf spotters provide valuable information for students who are Blind/Vision Impaired for club and/or intramural golf. It is common for a spotter to act as a combination coach, caddy, and spotter, though this is not required. While on course, spotters provide critical information related to performance, such as distance, hazards, obstacles, feedback on each swing, information on the ball’s trajectory/location, etc.. Training for this position is provided by the United States Blind Golf Association, and takes roughly 15-45 minutes. Once trained, a spotter will typically get to know the student over time, and a rapport will naturally be built as a partnership forms and the spotter starts to understand what the student needs. ($12.25)

  • Disability Services: Note Taker

    Note takers provide a specialized service focused on providing class notes to students who are approved for a peer note taker. In some instances, the note taker works directly with the students and/or knows who the students is, and in other cases this relationship remains completely anonymous on both sides (this is typically determined by the student who is approved for the note taking accommodation). The format of notes may vary depending on student need, and can include typed notes, handwritten notes, or a hybrid, such as utilizing a stylus with a tablet; the format in each instance is determined by specific student need. In instances where specialized note taking is required, the note taker is provided with both training and tools (such as an iPad) for the semester. It is common for the first few weeks to involve feedback from all parties involved, which often results in some modifications on the part of the note taker as it relates to the student’s note taking needs. ($12.25)

  • Disability Services: Reader/Scribe

    Readers and Scribes provide an important service for students who are unable to read and/or write information, for various reasons. Readers and scribes are most frequently utilized for students with testing accommodations during tests, quizzes, and exams, though they may sometimes be utilized for homework assignments/projects. A reader and scribe’s job is strictly to read provided text, and write information that a student dictates—they never provide guidance, answer questions, or give cues regarding information. All students hired for this position receive training regarding these job duties. ($12.25)