Policies & Procedures

The University Recreation staff invites you to enjoy the Intramural Sports program. We stress the importance of participation within the boundaries of good sportsmanship, as opposed to winning at all costs. All full-time students, faculty, and staff are encouraged to participate.

Click here to view the Intramural Policies and Procedures in a pdf version.

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  • Officials

    All full-time students are encouraged to officiate major sports provided you have a general knowledge of the game rules. An Organizational meeting will be held for each major sport. A minimum of two additional trainings will be held for each major sport. Professional clinicians will conduct a training for applicable sports. Students must complete all paperwork with Student Employment before working. Officials are paid bi-weekly and are provided officials jerseys and Fox 40 whistles. Extramural opportunities to officiate local, state and regional events are available for select sports.

  • IMLeagues

    IMLeagues is the official software for Intramural Sports. You may log onto IMLeagues by clicking on the icon from the Intramural website. IMLeagues should be used for the following functions below plus more.

    • List of IM events
    • Registration Info
    • Creating teams
    • Joining teams
    • Registering as a free agent
    • League schedules
    • League standings
    • Playoff schedules
    • Announcements
    • Sport rules
    • Policies and procedures
    • Point standings
  • Eligibility

    Currently enrolled full time University of Richmond students, faculty, and staff are eligible to compete in Intramural sports. Playing with non-eligible participants will result in forfeiture or suspensions.

    • Part time students and employees are ineligible
    • Spouses and dependents are ineligible
    • Weinstein Center Community members and families are ineligible
  • Eligible Participants

    May represent only one organization or team in any given sport. In this respect, men’s, women’s, and co-recreational divisions are considered different leagues. Additionally, women are permitted to play on a men’s team, however, should they decide to do so, they are ineligible to play for a women’s team in the same sport. Any player who participates for more than one team in any given sport will become immediately ineligible for the remainder of the season for that sport. The player’s team(s) will forfeit any activity in which the ineligible player participated during the 24-hour protest period. To be considered, all protests must be submitted to the Intramural Manager or Intramural Staff within 24 hours of the activity.

    • Player eligibility protests must be submitted by team captains.
    • Players may play for one team only per sport.
    • The IM staff and officials may determine if a player(s) is ineligible and stop the game.
    • Teams allowing an ineligible player to participate will receive an automatic forfeit.
    • Teams allowing an illegal player to participate will forfeit the remainder of that sport and possibly all upcoming IM activities. An illegal player is a participant that is not a full time UR student, faculty or staff person.
    • Resources available to determine a participant’s status are Fusion, Registrar’s Office, Athletics and Human Resources.
  • Professional and Ex-Olympians

    Are ineligible to compete in the sport in which they lost amateur standing or represented their country. This also includes related sports, i.e., football/flag football. This rule is waived after five years. Any person who has, in the opinion of the Recreation and Wellness staff, participated in highly competitive regional, state, and/or international contests shall be considered ineligible for one year.

    • Teams using a professional or ex-Olympian before the 5-year waiver period will forfeit all remaining games for that sport.
  • Varsity Athletes

    Any varsity intercollegiate athlete is ineligible to participate in that sport or related sports on any intramural basis for the school year in which they competed. For the purpose of this rule, a person will be considered a varsity intercollegiate athlete if he/she fits into any one or more of the following groups:

    1. He/She is a current member of a varsity intercollegiate team.
    2. He/She is currently practicing with a varsity intercollegiate team.
    3. He/She has participated in or suited up for at least one scheduled contest with a varsity intercollegiate team.
    4. He/She is currently a red-shirt or was a red-shirt during the school year for a varsity intercollegiate team.

    If there is a player in question, please contact the Intramural Manager to receive a definitive answer.

    Below is a breakdown for each applicable sport.

    • Soccer – Women’s Varsity Soccer players are ineligible
    • 6 v 6 Soccer – Women’s Varsity Soccer players are ineligible.
    • Flag Football – Varsity Football players are ineligible
    • Basketball – Men’s and Women’s Varsity Basketball players are ineligible
    • 3 on 3 Hoops – Men’s and Women’s Varsity Basketball players are ineligible
    • Softball – Varsity Baseball players are ineligible
    • Tennis – Men’s and Women’s varsity players are ineligible
    • Golf – Men’s and Women’s Varsity Golfers are ineligible
  • Registration
    • All payments need to be paid on the Weinstein Center Portal. Each participant will pay a $5 non-refundable participation fee. To make a "team payment" you will have to contact the IM Manager at antwain.salvatto@richmond.edu and schedule to make your teams payment at the Weinstein Center.
    • Each team must have a team name! Per University policy, Independent teams may not use Greek letters in their team names. Team names that are insensitive or derogatory are not allowed.
    • The IMA can assist the team captain with creating a team on IMLeagues.
    • Next, “instant schedule” the team on IMLeagues placing the team in a specific division playing on specific nights.
    • The team captain will invite all team members to join the team. Team rosters are due the day after the captains meeting.
    • Team entry is complete when all team member payments are received, and the team is approved on IMLeagues. A mandatory captains meeting will be scheduled. All team captains will receive an email 24 hours in advance for the date, location and time of the captains meeting.
    • For Minor Sports, there will not be a captains meeting, therefore all captains will receive e-mails the day after entries is due and given all information.
    • Schedules and rules will be covered and distributed at the captains meeting.
    • Late entries will not be accepted unless it is approved by the University Recreation Intramural Manager.
  • Rosters

    Each team must have all players’ names on the team roster on IMLeagues. NOTE: A player may be added to the team at any time during the regular season but must have his/her name added to the roster before participating. A player must have played in at least one regular season game to be eligible for the playoffs. Any player not on the team roster will be ineligible to compete in the playoffs. It is the team captain’s responsibility to make sure all players are listed on the team roster located on IMLeagues.

    • Any player that participates that is not on the Team Roster will be considered ineligible. That team will receive a forfeit.
  • Registration Fees

    A $5 non-refundable registration fee is required for participants, for all sports. To make a "team payment" you will have to contact the IM Manager at antwain.salvatto@richmond.edu and schedule to make your teams payment at the Weinstein Center.

  • Forfeits

    Any team forfeiting a game may not be scheduled for future games unless the entry fee is repaid within 24 hours of the forfeited scheduled game time. If a forfeiting team notifies the IM Manager 24 hours in advance the repay may be waived – once per team per sport. Teams forfeiting twice in the same sport will have all remaining games canceled. All forfeits will result in a victory for the winning team with the following scores:

    • Soccer = 2-0
    • Flag Football = 7-0
    • Team handball = 5-0
    • Basketball = 10-0
    • Volleyball = 2-0
    • Hockey = 2-0
    • Softball = 10-0
  • Protests

    All protests must concern player eligibility, misinterpretation or misapplication of a playing rule or intramural regulation. A protest of a misinterpreted call must be made to the official at the time of the call, or it will not be recognized. No protest based on the questioning of a judgment call of an official will be considered. Protest must be entered in writing and submitted to the Intramural Manager within 24 hours after the completion of the contest being protested. Player eligibility protest should be made to the IM staff or official either before or during the game. Players’ names should be furnished to the IM staff or official to enable the staff to make a roster check. The IM staff will assist players with completing Protest forms electronically.

    • If at any time the intramural staff becomes aware of a team using an ineligible player, that team will forfeit.
    • All protests must be completed within 24 hours of start of protested game.
    • If a protest is upheld the game may be replayed or resumed at time of protested call.
    • The team captain, IM supervisor and the officials must meet with the IM Manager and/or AD Sports.
    • Final ruling will be determined the next workday.
    • Upheld protests may result in a two game or a season long forfeit.
  • Ejections

    An individual who displays un-sportsman like conduct or verbal abuse toward officials, University Recreation employees, or fellow participants will be suspended as a player, coach or spectator for two consecutive games. Any team, which allows an ejected player to participate before this suspension is complete, will forfeit that game and the remainder of the season. An individual who strikes, or in the judgment of the official or Intramural staff, attempts to strike another individual shall be ejected from all intramural competition for one calendar year. Any disturbances involving more than one player from a team may result in the entire team being ejected from all intramural competition for one calendar year.

    • The IM Staff is responsible for completing a Player Ejection form.
    • All parties involved will meet with the IM Manager and/or AD Sports.
    • All ejected players are ineligible for all Intramural activity until the final disposition has been made.
    • Regular ejections will carry a minimum 2 game suspension.
    • Unsporting ejections will carry a 365-day suspension. Other departments will receive communication including Deans Offices, UR Police and other necessary contacts.
  • Point Distribution

    Points are awarded to each team for participation, advancement and placement. There must be at least 3 teams to constitute a league. The number of points awarded will vary depending on the sports division level. The Points Distribution document can be found on IMLeagues. The overall winner for Men and Women will receive a Championship Banner and have a Championship Banner placed in the rafters of the Weinstein Center Gymnasium.

    1. Participation points are given to each team for participating and completing a regular season. Teams forfeiting out of a league will not receive points.
    2. Advancement Points are awarded to teams advancing to the playoffs. (Major Sports only)
    3. Placement Points are awarded to teams finishing in first, second, and third place in the playoffs. If the consolation game is not played the two semi-final losers will split the third place points.
    4. Sportsmanship points will be awarded to qualifying teams meeting ALL 4 criteria below: (Major Sports only)
    • A team member must attend the Captains meeting.
    • Team Roster must be completed on IMLeagues before first game.
    • A team may not have any player ejections for that sport (including spectators).
    • A team may not forfeit any games for that sport.

    **Only if all four criteria are met, a team will receive 25 points.

  • Playoffs

    The teams with the best records from each division are eligible for the playoffs. Divisions with 4 teams or less will advance the top 2 teams. Divisions with 5 to 7 teams will advance the top 3 teams and divisions with 8 or more teams will have the top 4 teams advance. The Intramural Manager has the authority to alter these numbers if time does not allow for a full playoff season.

    In the event of a tie between two teams, several options are considered. First, if one of the teams involved has forfeited a regular season game, the other team (s) will get the higher seed. If neither team(s) has a forfeit, head-to-head competition will determine the higher seed. If the teams played to a tie, the plus/minus system based on all game scores during the regular season will determine the higher seed. If more than two teams are tied, teams with forfeits will be eliminated. If not, the plus/minus system will determine the higher seed.

    All playoffs are single elimination tournaments. The playoff brackets are pre-determined. The brackets will vary depending on the number of teams eligible for the playoffs. Consolation games are scheduled for the Men’s and Women’s A leagues to determine third and fourth place. If both teams decide not to play the consolation game, the placement points will be divided evenly between the two teams.

  • Awards

    Championship t-shirts are awarded to the “A”, “B”, and Co-Rec champions. T-shirts will be handed out the day after the Championship game. Each winning team is allowed the number of individuals eligible in the sport plus three. For example, a maximum of 8 shirts will be distributed for each championship team for Basketball.

    Championship banners are awarded to the overall point’s champions in the “A” divisions for Men and Women. Each championship team will decide on the design and color for their respective banners. The banners will be given out at the first captain’s meeting of each academic year. A banner will also be displayed in the rafters of the Weinstein Center Gymnasium.

  • Point System

    All “A” teams are eligible to compete for points. The Intramural staff will total and update the point standings throughout the year. All teams must register by the deadline dates and times to be eligible for points. Teams must register under the same team name for each sport to accumulate points.

  • Cancellations

    Any decisions concerning the cancellation of games due to inclement weather or other reasons will be made by approximately 2 hours before the first game on the day of the scheduled activity. The IM staff will make the decision to cancel games due to weather or other reasons during games already in progress. Team captains will be notified when the games will be rescheduled.

  • Facilities
    • Intramural games are played at the following various on campus state of the art facilities.
    • Intramural Turf Fields
    • Weinstein Center Gymnasium
    • Richmond College Tennis Courts
    • UR Disc Golf Course
    • Robins Center Racquetball Courts
    • Robins Center Squash Courts
    • Local Golf Courses
  • Extramural Sports

    There are various opportunities for participation in state, regional and national tournaments for teams and officials. Information will be sent to all captains for related sports by the Intramural Manager. Teams and officials are expected to positively represent the University of Richmond by displaying sportsmanship and exemplary behavior throughout the tournament

  • Insurance

    The University Recreation Depatment does not provide insurance for its participants. Play is at one’s own risk.