Registration Process

Weinstein Center Portal

The Weinstein Center Portal is now available for on-line program registrations. Visit the program registration page to log-in, make your selections and pay using Visa, MasterCard, American Express, or Discover credit cards.

Be sure to log-in to the portal before making your selections in order to receive the correct pricing. Full-time students and full-time employees click the “Sign In” link on the top right of the log-in page and use your UR Net ID and 16 digit password. All other members will use a local account to access the portal. Please contact Member Services at (804) 289-8361 to set-up your account.

Once logged into the portal, click on the blue “View Programs” button in the middle of the page. Next, select the Intramurals option on the lefthand side of the screen. Select the desired Intramural sport, register and make payment. Once payment is made, go back to the Weinstein Center Portal and click on the Intramurals option. Click on the IM Leagues icon to enter the IM Leagues site where you register for your team.

To make a "team payment" you will have to contact the IM Manager at and schedule to make your teams payment at the Weinstein Center.

You must follow these procedures:

  • All participants must pay a $5 non-refundable fee in order to register. Team Captains will create teams and individuals without teams will sign up as “Free Agents”.
  • Each team must have a team name! Per University policy, Independent teams may not use Greek letters in their team names.
  • The Intramurals Assistant or the Intramurals Supervisor will assist the team captain with creating a team on IMLeagues.
  • Next, “instant schedule” the team on IMLeagues placing the team in a specific division playing on specific nights.
  • The team captain will invite all team members to join the team. Team rosters are due the day after the captains meeting.
  • Team entry is complete when payment is received and the team is approved on IMLeagues. A mandatory captains meeting will be scheduled. All team captains will receive an email 24 hours in advance for the date, location and time of the captains meeting.
  • For Minor Sports, there will not be a captains meeting, therefore all captains will receive e-mails the day after entries are due and given all information.
  • Schedules and rules will be read and distributed at the captains meeting.
  • Late entries will not be accepted unless it is approved by the University Recreation Intramural Manager.