Frequently Asked Questions

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  • Who can take fitness classes at the Weinstein Center?

    All members of the Weinstein Center have access to all fitness classes offered.

    • All full-time employees/dependants/students will have access to all fitness classes without using tuition remission.
    • All community and paid members will have access to all fitness classes without paying a fee.

    No registration required and no payment necessary. Feel free to try several classes and figure out what is best for you.

  • What about part-time faculty and staff?

    There will be no impact on part-time staff as they have not been eligible for tuition remission. Part-time staff is encouraged to purchase memberships to the Weinstein Center at the discounted rates. Part-time staff obtaining memberships will have full access to all of the fitness classes, but would not be eligible for the discounted personal training and massage therapy rates.

    For more information about paid memberships, please visit here

  • Where can I find the class schedule?

    The schedule for fitness classes will be posted on our website as well as outside of each fitness class room in the Weinstein Center. We will no longer offer printed copies of the schedule in an effort to continue to remain and go green, and because the schedule changes frequently.

  • What about massage and personal training?

    Massage therapy and personal training will have a nominal fee ($30) per session for full-time students, full-time employees, and their dependents. Those eligible for this minimal fee are allowed to purchase up to five massages annually. Personal training sessions are not capped.

    Community members of the Weinstein Center will continue to have access to personal training and massage therapy at their current rates.

  • How do I set up and appointment and schedule a massage?

    Registration will be on-going throughout the year. Registrations will be submitted and completed at the Member Services front desk.

  • How do I set up my appointment for personal training?

    Please visit our personal training page for more information.