Sport Clubs: Frequently Asked Questions

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  • How do I join a sport club?

    In order to join a club, please complete the Interest Form. With each link you will find contact information for the desired club. Contact the president and they will be able to give you all the information to join their club.

  • Do I have to have experience to play on a Sport Club?

    Most clubs are open to all levels of participation regardless of experience. Some clubs may be more competitive and require higher levels of skill/experience to travel.

  • How are Sport Clubs funded?

    Sport Clubs receive funding from membership dues, fundraising, and through an allocation process determined by University Recreation.

  • Cost of Sport Club

    All University of Richmond students are eligible to participate in the sport clubs. Most clubs do, however, require that members pay annual or semester dues. Some clubs also require specific equipment that may cause members to incur additional expenses. Costs vary widely for each club, so contact the sport club president to find out specific information and to discuss special circumstances.

  • I don’t see my sport on the list. How can I start a team?

    First, it’s a good idea to gauge student interest in your club. Once you’ve established that people are interested, you must meet with the director of Student Activities to discuss the procedures for becoming a student organization. After you have received student organization status, contact the Wendy Sheppard, Assistant Director of Sports and Risk Management. We’ll guide you through the sport club renewal process. After you’ve completed the renewal process, we’ll invite you to our next council meeting to introduce your club. The council will vote on whether to approve your club the following meeting.

  • How often do sport clubs practice and compete?

    The number of weekly practices and competitions vary widely for each club. Some clubs practice up to five days a week and compete every weekend, while others practice just one day a week and compete once a semester. You can contact the club president of the team that you are interested in to find out specific practice and competition information.

  • What kind of leadership opportunities exist for me in the sport club program?

    Sport clubs provide students excellent leadership opportunities. All clubs have a full slate of officers (president, money manager, and safety officer). Some clubs also have additional officers depending on the needs of their organization. Additionally, all sport club members are eligible to run for a position on the Sport Club Executive Council (president, vice president, secretary, treasurer). The program also provides members with the opportunity to participate in special recreation projects and/or committees.

  • Do sport club athletes have access to an athletic trainer?

    Yes. The University Recreation Department is fortunate to have a Sport Club Athletic Training Facility and a full-time Athletic Trainer. The Athletic Trainer has regular office hours which are open to ALL sport club athletes by appointment

    For more information, please contact Allison Rose MS, LAT, ATC

  • Where can visiting teams find information?
    For visiting sport clubs, please view our Visiting Team Guide!