Mission, Vision, and Guiding Principles

Mission Statement: 
To foster a fun and inclusive environment that promotes physical as well as overall well-being, through programs and facilities that enhance individual growth and encourage movement.

Vision Statement: 
University Recreation will be welcoming and accessible with state-of-the-art facilities and quality programming that is an integral part of a thriving campus community. 

Core Values:
Student-Focused – Commit to keeping the students as a priority in the planning of programs and services, and all decisions we make.

Collaboration – Be creative with resources and seek ways to integrate and collaborate with campus and community partners to offer comprehensive programs and services with highly qualified and experienced staff.

Sustainability – Support environmentally responsible choices to reduce the consumption of materials and energy to their lowest levels possible, without decreasing the value and quality of programs and services.

Inclusivity – Foster an open and inclusive community that welcomes and benefits people with diverse backgrounds, encourages the exchange of ideas from diverse perspectives, provides meaningful access to facilities and programs/services, and opposes intolerance.