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Outdoor Adventure and Recreation (OAR) Program

Mission Statement

The University of Richmond Outdoor Adventure and Recreation (OAR) Program promotes healthy lifestyle choices through outdoor activities. The OAR program aims to create an inclusive environment for students where they can challenge themselves through participation in outdoor trips. Our program facilitates the development of valuable peer relationships and individual student growth. The OAR program endorses a balanced lifestyle, and encourages students to value recreation as an invaluable way to relieve academic stress. The OAR program strives to promote health and wellness through outdoor exploration and recreation.

Outdoor Adventure and Recreation Program Offers: 

  • Equipment Rental Program: OAR Desk Hours: Monday-Friday 4pm-6pm
  • Outdoor Adventure Trips: Register for trips HERE
  • Custom Trips: Here is the link for more information! 
  • Bike Share Program 
  • Teambuilding Programs through Challenge Discovery and VCU Outdoor Adventure Program 

NEW!!! Spider Outdoor Adventure & Recreation Development is now open for new applicants. Please click here for apply! 

Connect With Us!

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Facebook:  OAR on Facebook.

Instagram: @URoutdooradventure

Outdoor Adventure and Recreation Events
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Renter Eligibility for Outdoor Equipment Rental and Trips

 All full-time faculty/staff, eligible dependents of faculty/staff, Weinstein Center for Recreation and Wellness employees, and Weinstein Center community members are eligible to rent outdoor equipment. If you have a paid or complimentary membership to the Weinstein Center for Recreation and Wellness, then you are eligible to rent equipment. Age requirement is 16 years of age and older. 

Additional Outdoor Programming on Campus

Student Organizations: Center for Student Involvement (CSI) oversees various student organizations that are involved in outdoor activities and sustainable initiatives.

The department of Recreation and Wellness oversees the Climbing & Caving Club which visits a local gym and plans regional climbing and caving trips.

Green UR is dedicated to creating a more sustainable campus.

Experiential Learning: University of Richmond offers living-learning programs where students can have learning experiences that extend beyond the classroom.

Sophomore Scholars in Residence offers outdoor related courses such as Protected Lands of the American West.

First Year Communities are single-gendered living-learning programs for first year students, and offer various outdoor related programs, such as Richmond College’s RCXtreme.

Getting Outside in RVA

Check out this map of outdoor opportunities in the Richmond, VA area!