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Ellen Strusky

Personal Trainer

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    A native Richmonder, Ellen has been a personal trainer since 2006. She believes that the most effective exercise programs include a combination of cardiovascular, strength, and functional training. She has worked with a wide range of clients who have differing needs, including masters athletes, clients looking to get in shape and lose weight, and older clients hoping to ease their arches and pains. In response to the increasing age population interested in staying healthy, she became certified to work specifically with these groups. She also worked with clients who are post-rehab. Ellen believes that no two clients should be treated alike; therefore, she designs a specialized workout program for each person. One of the methods she uses is based on the Egoscue method of postural assessment- identifying postural inefficiencies and addressing those needs by designing exercises to correct  the imbalances. This allows for proper form, not only in the gym, but in everyday activities.

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    • Certifications

      NASM Personal Trainer

      Medical Exercise Specialist