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Paid Memberships

NEW! We now have Membership team that are here to assist all our paid members of the Weinstein Center for Recreation needs. Please continue to visit our Member Services desk to complete your membership needs during your visit. Weare here to serve you. 

Membership Rates:

Part-time individual: $350/year
Part-time family: $650/year

Adjunct/Part-time: $350/year                                                                                                                                                           
Adjunct/Part-time family: $650/year

Young alumni (graduated within 10 years): $350/year
Individual: $500/year
Family: $850/year

Individual: $700/year
50+ years: $400/year
Family: $1,000/year

Non-UR College Students only: $100/summer

Plus One Memberships ($350/year): 

Individual membership for someone in the same household as someone who is eligible for free membership (e.g. full-time employee, full-time student).

  • Full-time students
  • Full-time faculty and staff 

Eligible Dependents in Accordance with HR:

  • Dependent children under 24
  • Dependent step-children under 24
  • Spouse

Guest Rates:

Guest Fee: $10/day
College Student Guest Fee (must present college ID): $5/day

Weekly (7 consecutive days)
Guest Fee: $50
College Student Guest Fee (must present college ID): $25

Guest must be sponsored and accompanied by a Weinstein Center for Recreation member on each visit. 


VisitUR Wireless Network

NEW! We now have Wi-Fi for campus visitors. Short-term visitors to the University of Richmond campus may connect their Wi-Fi enabled device to the “VisitUR” wireless network for access to the commodity Internet and the public facing of University of Richmond web sites. 

Simply connect to the “VisitUR” wireless network and open a web browser. After being redirected to the logon page, please read the terms and conditions, accept them by checking the appropriate box, and click the “Log In” button.

Weinstein Center Portal  

The Weinstein Center Portal is now available for on-line program registration and to purchase massage therapy and personal training sessions. Visit to log-in, make your selections and pay using Visa, MasterCard, American Express, or Discover credit cards.

Be sure to log-in to the portal before making your selections in order to receive the correct pricing. Full-time students and full-time employees click the orange button on the log-in page and use your UR Net ID and 16 digit password. All other members will use a local account to access the portal. Please contact Member Services at (804) 289-8361 to set-up your account.

For more information about Paid Memberships, please contact Zena Ray, Marketing and Membership Coordinator. 

"Our goal is helping you reach yours"

Weinstein Center Membership Subsidy Program

Weinstein Center for Recreation Membership Subsidy Program is the result of a generous gift from a member who wanted to help subsidize the cost of the Weinstein Center memberships for people who may need financial assistance. If interested, please view and complete this document  for guidelines and submit to the Marketing & Membership Coordinator to be considered.

Facility Access

Members enter their ID number into a keypad which prompts them to place their hand in the biometrics reader. This system provides easy access for our members and provides Recreation and Wellness an accurate record of participation.

One of the most attractive features of hand biometrics is its efficiency—your hand cannot be lost, forgotten, or stolen like an ID card or password. The device is not storing finger or hand prints. The device measures the size and shape of your hand and converts the dimensions into a number that is attached to your membership record.

See Member Services to enroll.