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  1. Submit the completed entry form/roster and non-refundable entry fee, to the Intramural Center by 6 p.m. of the deadline date. Late entries will not be accepted. A copy of the registration form can be found at the intramural website.
  2. Instant schedule your team into your desired league. League choices include: level of play (A, B), game time, and day your team wishes to participate.
  3. It is the responsibility of the team captain/manager to read and have all his/her team members read and sign the hold harmless clause.
  4. Team entry is completed at the mandatory captains'/managers' meeting. Check date and time when registering. Teams that are not represented at the meeting may forfeit their place in the league and/or forfeit fees. The meeting is required of all new and returning managers due to changes and/or modifications in the rules, policies, program and/or playoff information.
  5. League schedules will be distributed and other pertinent information is discussed with the intramural supervisor at the above meeting.
  6. Three players per team must participate to receive participation points for minor sports.
  7. Due to limited space, organizations can register a maximum of two teams per major activity.

Championship t-shirts are awarded to the "A", "B," and"Co-Recreational" champions. T-shirts will be available the day after all championship games. Each winning team is allowed the number of individuals eligible in the sport plus three. For example, a maximum of 8 shirts will be distributed for each championship team for Basketball. The shirt colors will vary each year. Championship banners are awarded to the overall point’s champions in the "A" division. Each championship team will decide on the design and color for their respective banners. The banners will be displayed in the Weinstein Center gymnasium. Teams are encouraged to hang their banner in the gymnasium for better visibility and long lasting memories.

Captains/Managers Guidelines

The primary duties and responsibilities of the team captain or manager is to recruit and organize teams and individuals into competition prior to the specific sports sign-up deadline. Additional duties of the manager include:

  • Keep members of your organization informed of all Intramural activities while also promoting participation.
  • Represent your team or organization at the appropriate intramural captains' meeting.
  • Be responsible for "instant scheduling" your respective team or organization for all team sport activities.
  • Notify your team or respective participants as to the time and place of scheduled activities.
  • Be familiar with all intramural eligibility rules so that your organization can adhere to these rules and regulations. Player eligibility is the manager's responsibility. Rules and regulations regarding players eligibility are found at the intramural Web site. However, questions regarding player eligibility should be directed to the intramural sports professional staff.
  • Provide extra personnel, such as officials, timers, scorers and the like, when required by the intramural staff.
  • Maintain your name, current address, e-mail address and updated telephone number with the Intramural Supervisor.

It is the team captain's responsibility to make sure all players are listed on IMLeagues. A player may be added to the team at any time during the regular season, but must have his/her name on the roster first. A player must have played in at least one regular season game to be eligible for the playoffs. Any player not on the team roster by the last game of the regular season. The following provides a brief explanation of the different rosters.

  • Game Rosters: Team captains are required to complete a game roster on the IM I Pad before each competition. The game roster includes names of all team members participating in the competition. All players must be added to the team roster before being listed on the game roster.
  • Team Rosters: Team captains are required to complete a team roster for each sport on IMLeagues.
  • Team members must be listed on the team roster for any sport in which they plan to participate.

Whenever possible, intramurals are offered in men's, women's and co-recreational divisions. A brief description of the various levels of competition is outlined below. It is up to the participant to choose the division that best meets his/her individual needs and skills.

  • "A" League is the highest level of competition offered. Teams competing for the "All University" points must participate in this division. T-shirts are awarded to the "A" champion in each activity. This division requires that teams use the same name for all sports in which they participate to accumulate points.
  • "B" League is a recreational division for the novice/beginner. It is for the person who is not overly competitive or the person who has not been involved extensively in competition before. T-shirts are awarded to the champions in each activity.
  • "Co-Recreational" League is designed to offer men and women a chance to participate with and against each other. The number of men may never exceed the number of women on the playing field per team at any time. T-shirts are awarded to the champions in each activity.

* Once a player participates for a team, that player may not switch teams or leagues for that sport.

Point System

All "A" teams are eligible to compete for points. The Intramural staff will total and update the point standings throughout the year. All teams must register by the deadline dates and times to be eligible for points. Teams must use the same name for all sports in which they participate to accumulate points.

Division I - Team sports with a season

  • Soccer
  • Volleyball
  • Flag Football
  • Team Handball
  • Basketball
  • Floor Hockey
  • Softball

Division II - Team sports with or without a season

  • Golf
  • Swimming
  • Kickball
  • 3 on 3 Hoops
  • Dodgeball

Division III - All individual sports

  • Table Tennis
  • Billiards
  • Racquetball (2)
  • Tennis (2)
  • Squash
  • *Family Golf

*25 points maximum per team

Sportsmanship Points Distribution

A team will only receive 25 points if all four criteria are met:

  • A team member must attend the Captains meeting.
  • Team Roster must be completed on IMLeagues before first game.
  • A team may not have any player ejections for that sport (including spectators).
  • A team may not forfeit any games for that sport.

The teams with the best records from each division are eligible for the playoffs. Divisions with four teams or less will advance the top two teams. Divisions with five to seven teams will advance the top three teams and divisions with eight or more teams will have the top four teams advance. Leagues with only one division of seven or more teams will advance the top four teams.

In the event of a tie, several options are considered. First, if one of the teams involved has forfeited a regular season game, the other team(s) will get the higher seed. If neither team(s) has a forfeit, head to head competition will determine the higher seed. If the teams played to a tie, or more than two teams are involved, the plus/minus system based on all game scores during the regular season will determine the higher seed. If teams are still equal after the above procedures, both or all teams involved will advance to the playoffs.

All playoffs are single elimination tournaments. The playoff brackets are pre-determined. The brackets will vary depending on the number of teams eligible for the playoffs. Consolation games are scheduled for the Men's and Women's A leagues to determine third and fourth place. If both teams decide not to play the consolation game, the placement points will be divided evenly between the two teams. Teams forfeiting playoff games will not receive placement points.


Recreation and Wellness accepts no responsibility and shall not be liable for any injury or other irregularity resulting from participation in any activity or by use of any recreational facility.

Officials Payment Procedures
  • All officials must complete paperwork at Financial Aid in the Queally Center.
  • Officials must attend a minimum of two training sessions per sport.
  • Officials must be registered on IMLeagues.
  • Pay slips will be distributed on Friday’s at the Intramural Manager’s office.

Recreation and Wellness does not carry accident or injury insurance to cover participants in recreational activities. The Student Health Center offers outpatient care and treatment of injuries and accidents.