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Currently enrolled University of Richmond students, faculty, and staff are eligible to compete in intramural sports. Playing with non-eligible participants will result in forfeiture or suspensions.

Eligible Participants

May represent only one organization or team in any given sport. In this respect, men's, women's, and co-recreational divisions are considered different sports. Additionally, women are permitted to play on a men's team, however, should they decide to do so, they are ineligible to play for a women's team in the same sport. Any player who participates for more than one team in any given sport will become immediately ineligible for the remainder of the season for that sport. The player's team(s) will forfeit any activity in which the ineligible player participated during the 24-hour protest period. To be considered, all protests must be submitted to the Recreation and Wellness manager within 24 hours of the activity.

Professionals and Ex-Olympians

Are ineligible to compete in the sport in which they lost amateur standing or represented their country. This also includes related sports, i.e., football/flag football. This rule is waived after five years. Any person who has, in the opinion of the Recreation and Wellness staff, participated in highly competitive regional, state, and/or international contests shall be considered ineligible for one year.

Varsity Athletes

Any varsity intercollegiate athlete is ineligible to participate in that sport or related sports on any intramural basis for the school year in which they competed. For the purpose of this rule, a person will be considered a varsity intercollegiate athlete if he/she fits into any one or more of the following groups:

  1. He/She is a current member of a varsity intercollegiate team.
  2. He/She is currently practicing with a varsity intercollegiate team.
  3. He/She has participated in or suited up for at least one scheduled contest with a varsity intercollegiate team.
  4. He/She is currently a red-shirt or was a red-shirt during the school year for a varsity intercollegiate team.
Team Roster

Each team must have all players' names on the team roster on IMLeagues. NOTE: A player may be added to the team at any time during the regular season, but must have his/her name added to the roster first. A player must have played in at least one regular season game to be eligible for the playoffs. Any player not on the team roster will be ineligible to compete in the playoffs. It is the team captain's responsibility to make sure all players are listed on the team roster located on IMleagues.

Entry Fees

A non-refundable entry fee is required for all team sports. Teams forfeiting will be required to repay the entry fee.


Any team forfeiting a game will not be scheduled for future games unless the entry fee is repaid within 24 hours of the forfeited scheduled game time. If a forfeiting team notifies the IM Manager 24 hours in advance the repay will be waived — once per team per sport. Teams forfeiting twice will have all remaining games canceled.


All protests must concern player eligibility, misinterpretation or misapplication of a playing rule or intramural regulation. A protest of a misinterpreted call must be made to the official at the time of the call, or it will not be recognized. No protest based on the questioning of a judgment call of an official will be considered. Protest must be entered in writing and submitted to the Recreation and Wellness Office within 24 hours after the completion of the contest being protested. Player eligibility protest should be made to the official either before or during the game. Players' names should be furnished to the official to enable the staff to make a roster check. If at any time the intramural staff becomes aware of a team using an ineligible player, the team will forfeit.


An individual who displays un-sportsman like conduct or verbal abuse toward officials, Recreation and Wellness employees, or fellow participants will be suspended as a player, coach or spectator for two consecutive games. Any team, which allows an ejected player to participate before this suspension is complete, will forfeit that game. An individual who strikes, or in the judgment of the official, attempts to strike another individual shall be ejected from all intramural competition for one calendar year. Any disturbances involving more than one player from a team may result in the entire team being ejected from all intramural competition for one calendar year.


The department of Recreation and Wellness does not provide insurance for its participants, play is at one's own risk.