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Walking and Running Trails

Around the lake and hills of the University of Richmond are many great trails to get out and exercise, whether walking, jogging or running. A few of the more popular of these include the blue loop, the gold loop, and the red loop. Each provides unique scenery and terrain. Combinations of the trails can also be used for almost any desired distance. Below you will find a map of the trails, their respective distances and a brief description of each. Trails are marked by painted arrows on the trail or by posts with colored arrows at key intersections.

Blue Loop (.65 miles)
This route is the most popular trail for walkers, joggers, and runners alike. This route takes you in a loop along the banks of the Westhampton Lake. The route is entirely paved, and for the most part is quite flat.

Gold Loop (.47 miles)
The gold loop route take the runners through a variety of different scenery, going form lakeside to woodlands, to bordering the Greek Theater. It is about half paved, and has two long flat sections divided by fairly long inclines. Certain sections of this trail parallel both the red and blue trains.

Red Loop (.48 miles)
The red loop trail takes the runner through the heavily wooded portion of the University. Almost entirely unpaved, it is probably the most difficult terrain wise, while still remaining within the ability of most runners. For much of its distance it borders a scenic creek through the forest.

Popular Combinations

Outside Loop (1.02 miles)
As the name implies, this loop consists of running around the outside of all three trails. This trail offers a combination of scenery from all three trails and has varied terrain. The distance of this combination is almost exactly one mile.

Red/Gold Figure 8 (.95 miles)
Running any figure 8 patter of the red and gold trails is another popular combination. It also contains a mixture of scenery and terrain.