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Responses to Comments, Questions and Concerns

Weinstein Center of Recreation and Wellness strives to provide the best quality of service to our students, faculty/staff, alumni and community members. This page is to display responses to your comments that we have received through our comment boxes in the Weinstein Center and online.


If you are not willing to enforce the weight-dropping please take down the signs maybe the repeat offenders need to attend a class on weight training and gym ed.

We will continue to enforce the no weight dropping policy.  If you see someone not following this policy feel free to bring it to the attention of our staff.

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Needs clips that fit bars

Thank you for your feedback. The new clips have been ordered and replaced in the weight area upstairs.

Our goal is helping you reach yours 

Please add another spin class on Sundays or Saturdays. The 9:30 Sunday class is very popular. Perhaps not Sunday morning because we go to church. Thanks!

Thank you for your feedback! We are currently looking to add some more weekend classes but is dependent on instructor availability. This is something we can definitely look into if there's enough interest.

Our goal is helping you reach yours 

Consider allowing members to bring 3-5 guest/year for free!

Thank you for your comment regarding allowing members to bring 3-5 guest (per year) for free. We are currently reviewing all of our guest policies and will take this into consideration.  We anticipate having an updated guest policy within the next two months.  However, for now all of our guest (regardless of membership type) are required to pay the nominal guest rates.  

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Music sometimes too loud! Especially if there aren't a lot of people here. It makes it hard to music in my earphones - I hear the music. Turn it down?

We try to keep the music at a reasonable volume for all members, if at any time the volume seems excessively loud please bring that to the attention of our staff.

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I love how awesome the rec+well team is. Such a great facility to have the privilege to workout 

Our goal is helping you reach yours