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Harris Cannon, a 2020 graduate, was recently given the Donovan Award. The award is given to the top men's division 3 ultimate frisbee player. Harris has played a crucial role in the success of the University of Richmond SpiderMonkeys. As a freshman, Harris was part of the team that won the Division 3 National Championship, and was named the runner-up for Rookie of the Year. Harris would continue to be a mentor both on and off the field.

His teammates submitted the following for the Donovan Award: “Off the field, Harris is a mentor to younger players. Rookies will look to him for advice on defense, after practice wondering how to change their positioning to make the big plays he does. Instead of saying ‘just be more athletic,’ he gives measurable goals that players can work on, and follows up with them in the subsequent weeks to check on their progress.” Harris also served as a leader of the Sport Club program as an officer on the Executive Council, first as the Treasurer in 2018-19, and as the Vice President this year.


The American College Rowing Association (ACRA), the rowing equivalent of the NCAA recognizes outstanding students every year.  This year the following students were nominated for the 2020 ACRA Awards:


James Bachmann

Lauren Scheffey


All-Region (Mid-Atlantic)

James Bachmann

Liam McGrinder

Adam Webster

Lauren Scheffey

Callie Cinque

Katrina Hale 



Katrina Hale

Adam Webster



Any Juniors/Seniors with a 3.5+ GPA (2nd Team) or 3.8+ GPA (1st team).

Congrats to everyone on this list! You worked hard to earn a nomination and deserve to be recognized.

We also want to formally congratulate Callie on her addition to the Richmond Crew Hall of Fame!! Callie has demonstrated what it means to be an oarswoman here and made an incredible impact on this program and her teammates.


The College Squash Association (CSA) presented awards to students who had achieved high academic standing at their university at the CSA National Collegiate Men’s Team Championships this Spring.  This year two University of Richmond students, Daniel Beyer, and Jackson McAtee were awarded 2019-2020 Men’s CSA Academic Recognition Awards.  Click here for the full story. 

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