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Membership Eligibility and Rates

The following individuals are eligible for free membership to the Weinstein Center for Recreation and Wellness:

  • Full-time students
  • Full-time faculty and staff and their families/dependents
  • Retirees and families/dependents
  • 5th-year experience participants (University of Richmond students who graduate with a degree)

Eligible Dependents in Accordance with HR:

  • Dependent children under 24
  • Dependent step-children under 24
  • Spouse
  • Same Sex Domestic Partner

Effective July 1, 2013

 To maintain adequate equipment and facilities for our students, we will be limiting the number of community memberships sold. 

Community Membership Waiting List – Any person in the community interested in joining as a member is encouraged to complete an interest card at Member Services.  We will monitor our membership levels monthly and add new community members accordingly. Prospective members will be contacted in the order we received their interest card. 

Part-time Students, Employees, and Alumni Memberships – Memberships will be available provided status is verified according to University records.

Remember that first and foremost, the Weinstein Center is a student University Recreation Center.

This means we are unique in many ways:

  • We limit the number of community memberships in order to ensure our students have adequate equipment and facilities available to them.
  • We periodically close or have an altered schedule due to home sporting events, special events, or University breaks/holidays.
  • We periodically host tournaments or aquatic events that impact availability of gym and pool facilities.
  • We have limited REC SWIM hours due to varsity programs, club sports and aquatic programming all sharing one pool.
  • Depending on your purchase date, there may be a prorated fee due when joining.
  • Our annual memberships are based on actual calendar days (365 days), meaning they will expire in exactly one year from purchase date.
  • Children are only eligible to be attached to a family membership until they reach age 24.


Full-time: free
Part-time: $350/year

Faculty and Staff
Full-time (and families): free
Adjunct/Part-time: $350/year                                                                                                                                                                      
Adjunct/Part-time family: $650/year
Retirees (and families): free

5th Year experience: free
Young alumni (graduated within 10 years): $350/year
Individual: $500/year
Family: $850/year

Individual: $650/year
50+ years: $350/year
Family: $950/year

Effective October 1, 2017, the Community membership new rates will be the following: 
Individual: $700/year
50+ years: $400/year
Family: $1,000/year

Summer (if not full-time UR): $100/summer

Non-College Students (open to all individuals): $10/day
College Students (must present current college ID): $5/day

Membership Cancellation Policy

Find out  more about our membership cancellation policy and how to cancel. Please contact Cynthia McMillan with questions.