Weight Watchers at Work Program

Research shows that people who attend Weight Watchers® meetings lose three times more weight than people dieting on their own. With the majority of Americans spending the bulk of their day on the job, the workplace is an ideal setting for employees to learn how to live a healthy lifestyle.

Having meetings right where you work is a great help. A Weight Watchers leader comes to your workplace to provide experienced guidance at weekly meetings that fit perfectly into the busy workday. In addition, you'll benefit from the support and encouragement of co-workers you meet and work with every day. It's a total team effort that can lead to very satisfying results.

Who is eligible to participate in the program?

All members of the University community are eligible to participate in the Weight Watchers at Work Program.

Cost and Registration

To sign up for the Weight Watchers program at the University of Richmond, register at the Weight Watchers Employee Portal. You will be asked to enter the following company information:

The Company ID: 38479
The Company Pass Code: WW38479

The cost for the monthly pass is $39.99/month billed to a credit or debit card.

Current Weight Watcher members must cancel their previous account and re-sign through the portal in order to import your previous information.  

Employee Reimbursement

All full-time employees* are eligible to receive reimbursement for participation in the Weight Watchers at Work Program. To receive reimbursement, employees must attend 10 At Work meetings in a 90 day cycle. An eligible employee will receive 50% reimbursement (before taxes) of the 3-month program cost for themself and for qualifying spouse and/or dependent.

*Retirees and full-time employees, spouses, domestic partners, and dependents are also eligible for reimbursement in the program.

Meeting Time & Location

Thursdays noon–1 p.m. in the Weinstein Center for Recreation & Wellness Room 202

Group Leader: Fern Frost

For more information, please contact Heather Sadowski, Assistant Director of Wellness.

To learn more about Weight Watchers and the Points Plus System, please visit the Weight Watchers website.