Student Job Summaries of Available Positions

We are currently accepting applications for a limited number of shifts for Spring 2015.

Recreation and Wellness Student Jobs
Spring 2015

Positions require 6–10 hours of work per week; pay ranges from $7.85–$10.60 per hour. All Recreation and Wellness positions require current CPR certification; applicants do not need certification to apply, but it is required within two weeks of hire date. If you have not previously worked on campus, you will need to complete paperwork at the Financial Aid Office. Bring your Social Security card, birth certificate and/or passport to campus in order to complete the required employment paperwork.

Intramural Official: Responsible for enforcing game rules and regulations of the Intramural programs. On-the-job training is offered. Students with officials' certification will receive a higher pay rate. ($7.85 and $8.85)

Intramural Event Attendant:   Responsible for the game management of Intramural competitions including set up and score keeping. ($7.85)

Group Exercise Instructor: Develop routines and instruct Recreation and Wellness group exercise sessions for student, staff, faculty, and community participants. Students with fitness certification(s) will receive a higher pay rate. ($8.85 and $10.60)

Personal Trainer: Develop routines and implement personal training programs for students, staff, faculty, and community participants. Certification is required. ($10.60)

Photographer: Take photographs of activities at Sport Club Events and other Recreation and Wellness Events. Assignments will be various times and locations. ($8.35)