Student Job Summaries of Available Positions

Recreation and Wellness offers many different opportunities for students to join our TEAM. Below is a listing of our main positions

Positions require 6–10 hours of work per week; pay ranges from $8.30–$11.05 per hour. All Recreation and Wellness positions require current CPR certification; applicants do not need certification to apply, but it is required within two weeks of hire date. If you have not previously worked on campus, you will need to complete paperwork at the Financial Aid Office. Bring your Social Security card, birth certificate and/or passport to campus in order to complete the required employment paperwork

We are no longer hiring for Fall 2016. If you would still like to apply for the following positions, please send your application to Jennifer McLeod. We will contact you if anything becomes available.

Facility Assistants


Equipment Monitors - FWS only

SC Event Attendants - FWS only

Marketing Assistant

All positions we offer at the WCRW:

Facility Assistant: Supervise the Recreation and Wellness facility in order to ensure cleanliness and productivity of facility and equipment. Assist with daily operations of the building. ($8.80)

Lifeguard: Responsible for the supervision and operations of the pool and pool area during operational hours. The lifeguard will insure the safety of patrons in and around the pool area. Certification is required. ($9.30) For further information, please contact Marti Tomlin, Associate Director of Facilities.

Events Assistant: Supervise the facility and serve as the liaison with groups during facility rentals/special events to ensure groups comply with facility rules/regulations and that the facility is functioning at an optimal level. Provide excellent customer service while supervising facility rentals/special events. Work with on-duty facility manager to address any facility or program issues that arise. Serve as the point of contact in the event of an emergency during any facility rental/special event. ($8.80) For further information, please contact Marti Tomlin, Associate Director of Facilities.

Equipment Assistant: Assist the manager of equipment and facilities with inspection, cleaning, and basic preventive maintenance on all fitness equipment. Responsible for cleaning equipment and assisting with the training of employees on equipment cleaning. ($8.80) 

Fitness Specialist: Assist the fitness manager in implementing the Recreation and Wellness Fitness Special Programs. The main focus of this position is to provide supervision to the second level of the Weinstein Center and ensure safety for all members. ($9.30)

Group Exercise Instructor: Develop routines and instruct Recreation and Wellness group exercise sessions for student, staff, faculty, and community participants. Students with fitness certification(s) will receive a higher pay rate ($9.30–$11.05). For further information please contact Sarah Sheppard, Fitness Manager.

Personal Trainer: Develop routines and implement personal training programs for students, staff, faculty, and community participants. Certification is required. ($11.05). For further information, please contact Sarah Sheppard, Fitness Manager.

Intramural Assistant: Responsible for the supervision of the Intramural program. Job requires independent problem solving ($8.80). For further information, please contact Shelby Timberlake, Intramural Manager.

Intramural Official: Responsible for enforcing game rules and regulations of the Intramural programs. On-the-job training is offered. Students with officials' certification will receive a higher pay rate ($8.30 and $9.30). For further information, please contact Shelby Timberlake, Intramural Manager.

Intramural Event Attendant: Responsible for the game management of Intramural competitions including set up and score keeping ($8.30). For further information, please contact Shelby Timberlake, Intramural Manager.

Outdoor Adventure Assistant: Student is responsible for assisting in the creation, implementation, and evaluation of existing and new Outdoor Adventure programs and services. Job requires a high degree of accountability. Some evening and weekend hours required. ($8.80)

Member Services Assistant: Assistants are responsible for Weinstein Center Member Services operations during assigned shifts. Primary responsibilities include providing excellent customer service and information to all Weinstein Center members. Provide locker assignments, distribute and collect informal recreation equipment, register members for programs, classes, services, or trips. Enroll members in the hand biometrics system and recreation software. ($8.80)

Marketing Assistant: Assist in creating and implementing the departmental marketing plan. Generate new promotional ideas to increase participation in all departmental activities and programs. Duties include promotional activities, designing print materials, internal and external communications, photography, and program/facility schedules. Job requires a high degree of accountability and confidentiality. ($8.80)

Office Attendant: Performs routine clerical duties, assisting in all of the administrative needs of the Recreation and Wellness office. ($8.30)

Project Assistant: Assists the assistant vice president of recreation and wellness by overseeing and implementing the departmental assessment plan, special research projects and administrative reports. ($9.30)

Budget Specialist: Assist the budget coordinator with the management of departmental budgets. ($9.30)

Budget Assistant: Assist the budget coordinator with the coordination of sport club and departmental budgets. ($8.80)